Solved Quantitative Aptitude

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Solved Quantitative aptitudes Tricks

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Here, we are presenting some most important solved quantitative aptitude to practice for competitive math preparation. You should know that the popular recruitment exams of India are SSC CHSLPSCRailway recruitment and many more. And, all the recruitment board takes competitive exams with the various subjects. Mathematics is one of the common subjects of all competitive exams. We have posted chapter wise shortcuts formula in 'Magic math' page. But here, we will solve some important competitive math problems and solution with the shortcut formula. We strongly recommend you that please learn chapter wise shortcut formulas and concept. Chapter wise concept is very important for better understanding of shortcuts formulas. We are posting only important or previously asked questions with the shortcut solution.

Why we need Quantitative Aptitude tricks? 

You know that the competitive examiners give you little time to write the answer and the math takes much time to solve If you try in the traditional methods. We are not talking about your ability to solve a math problem, talking about your time management and need for the math tricks. If we perform math in the tricky methods then we can attempt most of the question in time. So readers, math tricks have a good value in competitive math. That’s the reason we should learn maths tricks. 

Quantitative Aptitude tricks without the traditional method

Job aspirants have completed their degree and searching for the job, and for that appearing in the competitive examination. The biggest wall is standing as mathematics. Because students forgot the math concept due to no practice for a long time. They had left mathematics after school level and now mathematics is becoming harder. So they asked, can we solve math in the tricky method without the traditional methods?  Some aptitude tricks will help you to find out answers very easily but some quantitive aptitude cannot be solved without a brief concept. Because sometimes you cannot apply shortcut formula directly. So, it will better when you try to learn both methods.

How you complete 'New Math Tricks'?

We strongly recommend you that first of all, start reading with copy-pen and note down all chapter wise aptitude formula. We have created every lesson in many parts with some related question and easy solution by math tricks. After completing all chapter start the competitive aptitude section. We had provided some post links above. Here we have discussed most important and asked the question in competitive examination. We also tell you the shortcut formula and tricky solution for every math problems which is not decorated chapter wise. All the question are selected from the overall syllabus. For you better practice, we also mention a chapter name and chapter link in every post.

Will this website change my score on the exams?

We are not guaranteed to score well on the competitive exam. We hardly try to change your math ability with math tricks to score well. We are not a spammer that we will promise wrongly. You may complete all math section and after that appear in the online mock test. The online mock test will say whether it has changes score in the math section or not! So be carefully decide whether you have to fully depend on this website or not! If you think that all posts are good informative and suitable to learn then you can depend on the 'New Math Tricks'.