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Here we have provided you with all chapter wise math tutorial link list. You can learn sequentially any chapter we provided. Whatever you say all math tricks, shortcut math formula, aptitude tricks or quantitative aptitude tricks all are included in this site name New math tricks tried to provide all math tricks to score well on the competitive exam and save time. Traditional methods are not suitable for the competitive exam because it takes too much time to solve an aptitude problem. So, we tried to serve you with an easy method to solve aptitude problems. It is not only math tricks or shortcut math formula for competitive or entrance exam-may you got other math tricks and easy math solution procedure in other places. Just we tried to prepare all post and shortcut method and concept to our best knowledge. If you have to predict on Newmathtricks or not you should decide on your own knowledge. We have provided shortcuts math formula and related aptitude problems to significant learning. Sometimes we take some easy math problem to use shortcut formula to understand the shortcut formula which may have no chance to ask for the competitive exam. Also, we take some aptitude problems which is exam level aptitude and asked in previous years exams or asked that type of question. All the major arithmetic chapters are included in If you see any difficulty in a formula, aptitude question and solution in any post, please do comment to change that portion to save other people from bad knowledge.

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