Area Formula for a Circle

It's very important to know how to calculate area formula for a circle? Dear, Mensuration learners. here we're discussing this specific topic with all formulas and solved the question, explanation and concept,

What is a Circle?

A set of connected dots and all are equidistance from another dot which is situated in the centre. For brief information, you can visit the Circle Concept.

 Area formula

To calculate area, You need to remember some formulas according to the given information in the question. And then you can use a specific formula to solve the problems.
General Formula
π is the sing of Pi and its value in fractional 22/7 and in a decimal number→ 
3.141592654.. And the r is the radius of the circle. Please note, the radius is the half of the diameter length.

Circumference to area calculation =C²/4π

Here, 'C' is the Circumference and π is the sing of Pi.
The area calculation from Diameter value of a circle
Diameter is the longest line and it touched the centre and two outer dots. The formula is πr². Where 'r' is the radius and it means half of the Diameter. In a certain question, if you got diameter or radius then easily you can calculate the area using the above formula.

Solved problems

Area Difference
When you have to find a different area between two circles and the following information is known. then
When you know Radius: By knowing the radius length of two circles then it became easier to know the difference the area between them. Just apply the following formula. 
You have another option to find the answer by separate calculation and finally subtraction the area from bigger to smaller. But it is a few steps to do. If you are not clear about this formula then let me clear the actual concept.

We have taken π as common from two different two circles. But r is not common and it has different values. So, we subtract from each other just because of finding the difference in area between the two. Please note, we are not calculating the area only calculating the difference of area.

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