Area Formula for all Shapes and Surfaces

Area Formula for all type of Mensuration Shapes and faces are informed in this New Math Tricks page. Triangle, quadrilateral, Circle, Cylinder, Cube, Cuboid, already discussed in different posts. To find your desire Shapes or faces of mensuration properties, we make this page to reach easier. Just see the below a list of the area formula and its source link. Open the tutorial from the topic name list which you want to know.
Area Formulas for Quick info
Select from the table for brief information and solving problems method with explanation and brief concept.

Triangle Area Formula Question and Solution

Topic Name Information Source
Triangle ClassificationClassification of triangles according to Arm length and Angle are discussed here.  ♦Equilateral Triangle. ♦Isosceles, ♦Scalene, ♦Right angle, ♦Obtuse, ♦Acute, ♦Equiangular Triangles.
Triangle Area Formula Heron's' Triangle formula. and also rules for Right angle and equilateral

Triangles. Some question also solved with the explanation.

Area of the quadrilateral with Question and Solution

Topic Name Information Source
Types of Quadrilateral Here full information about all type of Quadrilateral. Properties of Square, Rectangular, Trapezium, kite and other shapes.  Also provided shortcut formula of perimeter, area and diagonal.
Area Formula of SquareHow observed a Square? What formula has to use to find the area? We have discussed with its properties, formula and also solved some questions.
Area of RectangularRectangular is the specific form of  Quadrilateral. So, the Specific formula for the Rectangular is provided here and shown some solved problems. 
Area of the RhombusHow to calculate the area of  Rhombus? provided the formula and shown some example question and answer for this mensuration chapter.

Area of the Circle with solved question

Topic Name Information Source
Properties of CircleCircle properties to find a Circle and convert form area to the perimeter and vice Varca. For example, find an arm's length of a square if it converted to area from the perimeter value of a circle.
Circle Area FormulaEasiest Area formula of a circle is discussed here and solved some easy and hard problems to observed well. You can learn easily and make a solution of any problems to find the Area.
So, you can learn a specific area formula for specific mensuration properties. We have provided the easiest rules and with the concept to get a clear idea and ability to solve problems easily and effectively. Please comment below if you have any problem to understood. Also, you can request for the new Mensuration topic which you need.   

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