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Circle Mensuration problems with circumference Area formula

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We have already covered mensuration formulas related to the circle. Especially, we discussed properties, circumference and area formula of the circle. Today, we are going to solve some problems from this chapter. This is the third tutorial on circle mensuration. Look at below few questions and easy solution with the shortcut formulas.

Circle Mensuration Solved Math by Shortcuts Formula

►Question 1: A circle which has by 14m long radius. Now, find the area and circumference of the circle.
Solution: This is the simple question from the circle mensuration. Directly, we can apply the circumference formula of the circle. look at below for the easy solution.

We know the circumference of a circle is  2 π r. Where π=22/7 and r is half of the diameter. So, simply apply the formula to find the correct answer.
2π r= 2* (22/7)*14 =88m.
►Area of the Circle: The area formula of a circle is π r^2 when we know the length of the radius. Therefore the Ara of the Circle will be (22/7)*14*14 Sq.m
=28*22 Sq.m  =616 Sqm.
►Question 2: The circumference of a circular park is 440m. Now find the area of the park?
►Easy solution: We knew in the circle mensuration formulas that the area can be calculated directly when the circumference is known. Look at below image for the shortcut formula and solution of this mensuration problem.

►Question 3: A circle has made by a rope. And it's radius was 28m long. If you made a square with that rope, how long will be an arm of the square?
Solution: We have to calculate the area of the circle at first. Then, we can calculate the length of the square. Look at below for the solution.
Question 4: A Cricket playground has made by 63 m radius. If the radius increased by 7m, then find the deference area of the circle?
►Solution: you can solve this mensuration problem by calculating two times area of two circles. But you can answer this question by a single operation. But the question is how it's possible? Look at below for the shortcut mensuration formula for this type of question.
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