Prism Mensuration Formulas concept

Prism mensuration formulas concept and tricks are very important, and we should know these clearly because several types of problems are asked in the competitive math section. Here, we are going to discuss the properties, mensuration formulas and some solved problems related to this chapter. Look at below for the properties.

We hope, you got the concept by looking at the above photo. If not, let me clear the property of prism. Then we will discuss mensuration formulas related to this Math Chapter.

Mensuration formulas of a prism

What is Prism?
A type of solid shape which base and top properties are the same and all others properties are flat. If you looked at the above photo, you can see that every shape have the same base and top properties which are yellow coloured. The top and base property may be formed by a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagonal, hexagonal or octagonal or so on geometrical shapes. And the formula for finding volume or surface area(lateral and total surface area) of a prism depending on the base, top and lateral faces properties. This is the core concept for mensuration problems. Now, we are showing you how different formulas. we used too many words. But in reality, it helps you to clearly understand the prism mensuration and tricks for these chapters problems.
volume formulas(General):  The general volume formula of the prism is (Area of base X Height). 
Area formulas(General): The general area formula of the prism(total surface) is (2 X area of  the Base + perimeter of base X height)
The volume of Triangular Prism: Look at below for volume formula of a triangular prism. 

We recommend you to read the tutorial on Triangle mensuration formulas. When you have to find volume or area of a triangular prism then you need the formula of the triangle area. As you know triangle are various types according to its arms and angles, we briefly discussed that on triangle tutorial. 
Volume formula of Rectangular Shape:  Here, we are not discussing briefly. Just use the formula of shortcut cuboid volume formulas. Because Cuboid is a prism. But note, when you got non-right angular shape then you have to find the height of the prism.
Soon, we will come back on this topic with other important formulas and concepts.
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