Cylinder mensuration with Curve and Total Surface Area

Cylinder mensuration is also a valuable math chapter for competitive exams. Here we are going to discuss properties, Surface area and volume measurement formula and shortcuts tricks. Look at the below images, it is a Cylinder and also some properties.
The last mensuration tutorial was on Cube and cuboid mensuration tricks. If you have read that's then you can easily adapt to this chapter. Because a cylinder is a some of quadrilateral and circle figures. Two circles and a rectangular figure can make it. These will help you to find the surface area easily. Generally, in question, two types of surface area are asking. They are
1.The total surface area.
2. Curve surface area.

As you have calculated Lateral and total surface area of Cube and Cuboid. Hope, here no introduction need about the Curve and Total Surface area of Cylinder. Let's move to Formulas.

Cylinder Curve Surface area

The curved surface area of a cylinder is without top and bottom face(Circle). As we know that the curve portion can be made a rectangular by unrolling. Therefore the formula will be length X Base. to calculate it has to know the height of the cylinder and circumference of the circle which is in top or botton. Look at below for more clarity. 

Total Surface Area

: You have seen the above images, there are a square or rectangular and two circles. Just add all area of three properties. Look at below how the shortcut formula made in a single formula.
Thanks for visiting, hope you have enjoyed the Cylinder mensuration Shortcut formula. For more mensuration chapters, visit the mensuration tricks section.
Time and Works shortcut formulas

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