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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Average shortcut formula for competitive exam- New Math Tricks

Average math tricks one of the most important aptitude chapters in competitive math. So we should learn the average math tricks very carefully. Even you should need average maths trick to solve other math chapters. If you have the clear concept of average shortcuts formulas then you will get both advantages. Therefore, we are going to discuss the arithmetic chapter average. Before discussing the math tricks of average, let's clear the concept.
What is average?: The average is the mean value of two or more numbers. Suppose you and your two friends had gone for fishing and caught 15 fishes in total. Now you are going to distribute fish among you equally. As you are distributing equally, obviously distributing value is the mean value. Now you are getting five fish each. How it calculated? Simply you added yours caught fishes and divide by three (observation numbers) because you are three friends. In this way tried to find out the mean value. It is the average and the condition is easy. When the condition becomes more complicated, then some average math tricks help you to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Average quantitative aptitudes and math tricks

Aptitude question 1: Find out the average (or mean value) of 1 to 100 numbers?
Solve: You can solve this problem by two methods. First, you can add all the numbers like 1+2+3+4+.......+98+99+100 and then divide by 100 because there are 100 numbers between 1 to 100. Or you can apply a math trick which is (1+100) / 2.  This is the advantage of average math tricks. But the condition should be increase or decrease in sequence order. Otherwise, this formula will not apply. Look at another aptitude question on average.
Find the mean value or average of 2, 4, 6, 8, ........96, 98 and 100?
Here you are looking that the number is increasing 2 by its previous number. Using the mentioned math tricks you can find out the mean value or average of the series. Let’s look at below how we find out the result. (2+100) / 2 =102/2 =51. 
In above we have just calculated the average of some numbers. By using this formula you can also calculate the sums of numbers.Just you have to multiply with the observation numbers. Look at below all shortcut formulas in an image. 


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