Time and works Shortcut Formulas and Quantitative Aptitude

In competitive arithmetic, time and works math chapter is the most asked chapter than other arithmetic chapters. Take any question paper, whether it group D level examination or upper-level examination, always several questions are asked in this section. Whenever you are preparing for a competitive exam and Arithmetic is listed as a part of the syllabus, then you have to give effort in this chapter. Because one or two number score makes a significant difference from your competitor. So why not we should give time to know the section accurately? Another thing, we want to inform you that the Time and Works shortcut formula also helps you to solve some math problems of pipe and cistern chapter. Here we are going to discuss the shortcut formula of time and works, though we will give you some aptitude question and solution with traditional methods which you had used in school level education. That is not as valuable as like the shortcut formula in competitive examination. Because of competitive exams, always take in a short time.

The basic concept of time and works

Whenever we face a question of the time and works math chapter, you may see Worker or machine works for a specific work. And work is completed by the worker or machine by taking time. So the worker, times and works these three thing is essential to solve any aptitude question from this chapter. Actually, these three things have a relationship, and we have to drive it on an equation, then the math problem will be easy to evaluate the correct answer.

Time and works aptitude tricks

1st shortcut formula of time and works:-When in a question, declare two-person or machine and their separate workability to complete work and ask you how much time they will take to finish the job if they work together. Then use the below formula to get the answer quickly.
In the above formula, you are looking that 'man1' and 'Man2' are the time value of two persons. Be careful this when you use this method.

2nd shortcut formula of time and works:- When in question declare three persons and their separate workability to complete the whole works. And ask you, if they work the entire job altogether then how long time they will take to finish works? As this kind of question, use the below formula.  
Please note here X. Y & Z is time value for three people or machine.
 3rd shortcut formula of time and works:-When three pairs of workers can( A&B, B&C  and C&A) do a piece of work in X, Y and Z days respectively. If they work altogether then how long time they will take to finish the job? As this kind of condition uses the shortcut formula. 
in the next tutorial, we will apply these time and works math tricks to some aptitude question.  

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