Triangle full concept- Area, perimeter, shortcuts formula

Triangle basic concept, shortcut formula and quick solution by using mensuration formula are here. Please read the full tutorial on the triangle. In this post, we are going to provide you, the core concept with solved problems from this chapter for the upcoming competitive exams. Step by step we are going to discuss the mensuration formulas of for this chapter.
A three-armed plane figure which has three vertices is called a triangle.

Classification of the Triangles 

It is essential to know the classification to solve any problem related to this topic. Usually, it is classified by its angels and arm's length. We are going to discuss both types of classification of the triangle to observe well and score well in the competitive exam.

Types by Arm's Length

► Equilateral: it has three equal arms. The speciality of this figure is all angels are equal and the value of each angle is 60 degree.
► I
sosceles: this type of figure has a minimum of two equal arms in length. By definition, you can tell that all equilateral is the Isosceles triangle but all Isosceles are not an equilateral triangle.
Scalene: It has three different lengthy arms.
We have discussed mainly three forms but one more type of figure you can see in the math book which is Degenerate Triangle. The Degenerate is a form which has an equal lengthy arm in compare to the sum of other two sides. It looks like a line. It's not important for our competitive exam, so it has been ignored. Look at below for three types of the triangle which classified by arm's length.

Types by Angels

It is also four types of angles. They are
Right angle: only and one angle is 90 degree.
Obtuse: A angle is less than 180 degree.
Acute: All the angles are less than 90 degrees is called Acute Triangle.
Equiangular: A kind of figure made by three equal angles. As you know that the sum of the interior angles is 180 degree. So all angles are 60 degrees. This kind of figure you can call an Equilateral triangle. Because Equilator is made of three equal arms.
Above, we have informed you of the basic concept and the classification. Now, we are moving to the shortcuts formula for mensuration math on the triangle. As we are preparing for the upcoming competitive examination, so we are going to discuss the only important math tricks and mensuration aptitude which we need. In the competitive examination, the examiner generally asks the perimeter, area, length and height. So, we are going to discuss these topics. First of all, we will give you some important formula for this chapter than some solved mensuration problems using mensuration tricks. After all, it will help you to solve any mensuration math problem related to triangle accurately and in less time.

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