Simplification Problems and Solution for Competitive Exams

Opening discussion of simplification math tricks was on the basis of BODMAS rules and we are going to solve some problems including some algebra formula also. Questions from this chapter are looking very hard by seeing in primarily. This fear badly effects in our competitive exam but in real maximum questions from simplification are prepared on the basis of Algebra formulas. If you can find the hidden formula of the question, then easily can be solved the problem in time.  Now, the question is arise what to do to tackle the problem? The simple answer is, we have to make a list of algebra formulas to remember. Here some Simplification problems and solution are provided below using maths tricks. 

Simplification Question and answer

Question 1: 108 x 108 - 92 x 92=?
Answer: If you can solve this question by using BODMAS rules. It will take too much time to solve in BODMAS rules. You can solve this problem using algebra formula. Once again look at the question, it made on the base of algebra formula.
Now, you can solve this math by mind calculation. So, friends, it's not useful tricks? Look at another example and easy solution.

Question 2:
We hope you have observed that BODMAS rule and simplification tricks which are not enough for all problems solved. Sometimes, we have to apply mind tricks and algebra formulas. Above just we have applied the algebra formulae.Simplification-math-tricks-with-solved-aptitude We have to memorize a few more algebra formulas and apply in simplification aptitude section. 

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