Partnership Aptitude of Competitive Arithmetics Questions

Well come back readers, today we are going to solve some partnership aptitude questions using math tricks. All the aptitude question are quite harder than the previous tutorial named Partnership aptitude shortcuts formula and easy solution by math tricks. In the last tutorial, we have discussed the basic concepts and methods for the partnership math chapter. Also, we have solved partnership math which was very easy, just because of the clear concept. Now we need grade up aptitude questions and easiest solution methods to score well on our competitive exam. So, today we prepared this tutorial with some important aptitude question which is followed by previous years question pattern. Hope you will give your kind attention to this tutorial to observe the partnership math chapter, aptitude pattern and easy solution. Look at below some exam level question and quick solution on the topic of partnership math.

Partnership Solved Maths Question and Answeres

Aptitude 1: Sumita started a business with the investment of 80 thousand rupees. After two months she grew her business 25% of the investment. Now join her friend Amal with the investment of 60 thousand rupees. At the end of that year, they made the profit of 100,000, then find the profit share of Amal.

Easy solution:-
Here Sumita invested 80 thousand and grown 25% of her investment. After two months, Sumita’s invested amount will grow Rs.

When Sumita's investment value(with Profit) became 80,000+20,000 = 100,000, then join her friends joined with the investment of 60,000. Now, we can be thought their profit share ratio equal to their investment ratio because their investment amount is working rest ten months. Profit share ratio (Sumita : Amal) = 100,000 : 60,000 = 10:6 =5:3  Ratio of Amal is 3 out of 3+5= 8. So the profit share will be 

The profit share of Amal is rupees 37500. It is a sample and simple Partnership math problem. We will try more quantitative aptitudes on the solved quantitative aptitude section.

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