How to calculate ages ?

Yes, you have learned the easy math solution method on the topic how to calculate ages in the previous tutorial. If you have not visited the last tutorial of Age Calculation Formula, please visit the last tutorial. Because we have discussed the basic and important concept, Age calculation formula and tricky method. You may avoid this tutorial if you have read last one. Therefore what is the reason for presenting another post on age calculation? The answer is to reach more accuracy and practice in this chapter. It is very important in our real life. Somewhere we need our specific age for official uses.
That's the reason for presenting another post on the Age calculation method. Here we will give you some aptitude question and easy math solution methods on the topic How to Calculate Ages. Look at below for question and solution.
Aptitude question1: Your teacher born on 5th September 1969. What will be the age on 8th July 2018?
Easy Math Solution: We will subtract the lower value from the higher value. So we will put the upcoming dates on the older date. And then we will make the higher value in every section (ie day, month and year) than the lower value(old date), to subtract easily. To do that we will also keep the balance between two value. Look at below, how will do that?

Aptitude question 2:- Suppose today is the 1st January 2018. Matthew will be 18 years old on 6th May this year. If the date of birth of Mathew's friend 2nd February 1997, then find the age difference between two friends?
Solution:- To find the ages difference between two friends, we have to perform the double operation. Because we are not getting the date of birth of Mathew, but getting the fixed ages on a specific date. So, firstly, we calculate the age difference on 1st January 2018 and then we will add the difference time between 1st January to 6th May.

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