Circle mensuration with the properties and depth concepts #1

Circle and its properties are the subjects of today's discussion. The core concept and some shortcuts are shown to you step by step. We have already discussed the triangle mensuration tricks with the solved problems.
Today's circle mensuration tutorial, we will show you the core concept of the circumference, area, radius of a circle. So, let's read to be quicker in Circle mensuration.

Circle Mensuration Concepts

What is the circle ?:- The circle is a set of points in the plane, And all the points are equal distance from a point name centre. Look at below, the picture is a circle. And it has a centre which is indicated by O. The outer line Arc is made by infinite points. All the points are equidistant from O.

As we preparing mensuration section for the competitive math. So, we should learn all the formula of the circle which will help us to score well. The circumference of the circle, the area of a circle, the radius of a circle are generally asked in the competitive math. So, we need some mensuration formulas for finding the mention properties value of the circle. All the quicker circle mensuration solution methods, you will get in below but before getting that look at the below picture to know the properties of the circle.

Shortcut Formulas of Circle Mensuration

All the necessary and essential shortcut method are below.
Circumference formula of Circle:
Circumference is the length of the outer line of the circle. We can calculate the circumference of the circle. The formula for the circumference of a circle is in below image.
In the above image, you are looking that the PQ is the diameter of the circle and half of diameter is the radius of the circle. The value of pi 22/7.

The formula for the area of a circle:- There are many formulae have to know to calculate the area of a circle. According to known information of a circle, differently, we use a shortcut formula. Let's look at below formula image.

In this post, we just provide all shortcut formula for calculating circumference and area of a circle. Now, we should practice some circle mensuration question and easy solution by using provided math tricks. In the next post, we will do that. Here is the link to Solved Circle mensuration. Keep preparing for your upcoming competitive exams. Hope you have subscribed a Free Job Alert service to get the recruitment notification.
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