Easy way to solve simple interest Problems

As you know that we always prepare all chapter from basic to exam level. On simple interest math, we had already discussed the core concept and the equation of the formula. We do not need more shortcut methods to solve the problem of Simple interest math, we had known the equation. Already we had given it, in the opening tutorial of simple interest chapter. If you had not read the previous one, please visit
Today we will solve some quantitive aptitude by using math tricks. As you have seen that the question of the previous tutorial was straightforward because we were discussing the core concept and formula. But today, we are increasing a level to be ready for upcoming competitive exam's math

Simple Interest Solved Question and answer

Aptitude 1: Rupees 2000 became 3000 in 5 years, find the rate interest per annum? 


Above aptitude is very easy and basic conceptual problem which you have learned in your school life. Look at another example which is something advance level and solution tricks is very easy. The shortcut formula has given on the opening page of simple interest. However look at the aptitude question and quick solution.

  1. Rupees 3000 increase three times with the interest in 20 years, find the rate interest per annum?  


  • In above image, we have shown a math trick and solved a problem. Here x is the times of increasing principle and T is the time in years. Like this kind of aptitude, we can solve without knowing the principle or without assuming principle.  

Aptitude 2: A businessman makes payment to the bank three times of his borrowed money at the rate 8% simple interest. Now find the time of keeping money in his business? 
Solution: This is also an important and easy aptitude like as the previous question. Just we have to replace the r% instead of time on the previous one. Look at below how we execute the answer?

Aptitude 3: on a certain sum, only interest comes 1/2 of principle in 5 years. Now find the rate of interest?
Solution:- like first aptitude question solution execute the r%. Firstly calculate the numerator, like 100(1 - 1/2) and then divide by the 5 years. Let's look at the below:- 
{100(1-1/2)}={100* 1/2}=50/5=5 pa.
Hope you have enjoyed the Simple Interest Fact and shortcuts formula for the competitive Maths. If you need more Mensuration chapters then open the Mensuration Formulas. You will get all Mensuration Topic tutorial links in this page.

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