Aptitude for Problems on Ages question #2

In the last tutorial of Problems on Ages, we have discussed the core concept, basic formulas and aptitude question with the easy solution. We hope, you have read the previous tutorial and observed well. 
As it is easy math chapter so it can be solved by equation easily by catching the right condition. We have to practice more and more to score well in our upcoming competitive exam. So, here we are going to show you some aptitude question on problems on ages including an easy solution with the explanation. Look at below:-

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Important question and answer of problems of age

Question no 1:-
The present age ratio of two friends is 3:4, after 10 years the ratio will be 5:6. What is the current age of two friends?
The solution with the explanation:- Let the present ages of two friends are 3x and 4x. After 10 years they will be (3x+10) and (4x+10).
As per the question, we can express it in an equation as
Or (3x+10)/ (4x+10) = 5/6
Or 20x+50=18x+60 (after cross multiplied)
Or 20x-18x=60-50
Or 2x=10
Or x=5.
Therefore, the present ages of two friends are (3*5)=15 years and (4*5)=20 years.
Dear readers, are you thinking that the solution of this math is the lengthy and time taking procedure. Not at all friends. You can consume the time by practising a few more math questions. And know that there is no need to explain on the competitive exam paper. S, you can jump some steps quickly after clear concept and practices. Look at another example below.
Question 2:-
 The sums of three mango trees age are 45 years. Each tree is planted by a farmer five years interval. Find the age of the oldest tree?
The solution to the explanation:- Let’s assume the oldest tree is x years. So the ages of the other two trees are (x-5) and (x-10). Now we can make an equation depending on the question condition, and that is
X+(x-5)+(x-10)=45 Now find the value of x.
Or 3x-15=45
Or 3x=45+15
Or x=60/3=20 years.
Therefore, the age of the oldest tree is 20 years.
Question 3:
Mathews is five years younger from his friend Arnal. Three years ago, the ratio of their age was 16:17. Now, find the present age of Mathews.
The solution with the explanation:
Let’s assume the current age of Mathews is x years. So the current age of Arnal will (x+5) years. Three years ago they were (x-3) and (x+5-3)=(x+2). As per the question condition, we can make an equation by their age ratio (x-3):(x+2)=16:17
Or (x-3)/(x+2)=16/17
Or 17x-51=16x+32 ( after cross multiplication)
Or x=83 Therefore the younger friend is 83 years old and his friend is 83+5=88 years old.
Question no 4: 
The present Age ratio between Nabin and Rohit is 5:6. After 10 years, the age ratio will be 7:8. Find the difference in their age?
The solution with the explanation:
Let’s assume the present age of Nabin and Rohit are 5x and 6x respectively. So the age difference is (6x-5x)=x.  After 10 years they will become (5x+10) and (6x+10). Now we have to prepare an equation.
Or (5x+10)/(6x+10)=7/8
Or 42x+70=40x+80
Or 2x=10
Or x=5
So, therefore, their age difference is 5 years.
Friends hope you have observed that the question from problems on ages can be solved by making the equation. Just you have tracked the right condition of the question. 

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