Time and Speed quantitative aptitude

We have discussed in the last tutorial, the basic concept and shortcut formula of time speed and distance aptitude for competitive exams. The shortcut formula and aptitudes were basic levels, which are very important for those government and banking jobs aspirant, who newly started preparation for competitive math. But now, here we are grading up aptitude level which has a probability to ask for the competitive math. This chapter is also very simple if you have the basic idea of this chapter, or you have read the opening tutorial of Time Speed and Distance aptitude tricks. Here, we will learn how to customize the shortcut formula and apply to solve a math problem of time speed and distance. Because, sometimes, we can not apply shortcut formula directly, so we need to apply the formula in a tricky way. Let's see a few question and solution to observe, how we can apply shortcut formula in Time-Speed and Distance math?. Also, we promise you that you will love these math tricks at the end of this tutorial.

Time speed distance solved problems

 Aptitude 1: A traveller counted 37 trees in 2 minutes while he was travelling on the bus. If every two trees were 40-meters apart, then find the speed of the bus? 
Solution: I want to notify you that the traveller covered the distance 36*40 metres in 2 minutes. Because the traveller covered the first 40 metres and two trees. Just because of the distance between two trees is 40 m. 
Therefore, we will get the speed of the bus by accepting the bus ran 40*36 =1440 meters in 120 seconds.
You knew the formula in the last tutorial:-
Speed = Distance/Time
So, now apply the value of Distance and time in the formula. Look at below.
Speed= 1440/120 meter/second.
           = 12meter/second
            =12*(18/5) km/h
=43.2 km/h.
Is not is simple math tricks friends?
quantitative aptitude 2: A train is thrice faster than a motorbike. If the bike can cover a certain distance in 1 hour and 30 minutes, then how long time will take to cover the same distance by the train?
Solution: Let's suppose, the speed of the motorbike is x km per minute. Therefore the speed of the train will be 3x km per hours.
The question is very simple. You can solve this problem within a few seconds without knowing the formula. But the problem-solving method will help you to solve different conditional problems. It may be the first object or second object.

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