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There are no need to say that how important time and work arithmetic chapter and its shortcut formula in competitive exam. Earlier, we have discussed you two tutorial based on time and works shortcut formula, aptitude question and tricky solution. Today, we also discuss the same topic but increasing a level. As you know that we should learn many shortcuts formula on every topic to crack our upcoming competitive examination. See the previous tutorial related on time and works, we have shown you how to use shortcut time and works formula when some questions are not matching precisely, we need to jump a level or require some extra calculation. However, today's tutorial is the 3rd tutorial on the math chapter time and works. Here, you will get some fantastic shortcut formula which is works like maths tricks, you could not imagine it until reading the full tutorial.

Tricky and shortcut formula for Time and Works

Formula condition:-
When working 1st couple of worker A and B can do a piece of works in x time, 2nd couple of worker B and C can do the same work in y time, and another couple of worker C and A can do the same work in z days. Then

  1.  Find how many time unit they need to complete the whole works if they work altogether. Only A can do the work in ..?
  2. Only B can do the work in...?
  3. Only C can do the work in...?
Easily you can solve this kind of time and work problems using below formulas.

Solved a problem by this time and works formula

A and B can do a work in 20 days. Another two couple ‘B and C’ and ‘C and A’ can do the same work 20 and 40 days respectively. If the job works all together then how many days they will need to complete the whole works?
 Is not it easy friends?
Look at another example:
A couple of worker A and B can do a work in 10 days. Another two couple of workers ‘B and C’ and ‘C and A’ can do the same works in 20 and 25 days respectively. If they have to complete the half of the work altogether then find the days they need to complete the work?
The solution with math tricks:
You have seen already how we have evaluated the correct answer to this kind of math solution. Here, only one thing has included that we should find out the time to need to half of the work than the previous question. So we will find out the time which they need to complete the full work first then we will multiply by 1/2. They need time to complete the full work
2*10*20*25/ 10*20 + 20*25 + 25*10
=10000/ 200+ 500 + 250 = 10000/950 = Days. It's not the correct answer friends. Because they will only work ½ parts of the work. So they need ½ time for completing time.
Hope you have enjoyed to learn this shortcut Time and works math chapter. We have already prepared some amazing mensuration formulas. You may check on this 

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