Problems on Ages-the Core concept and aptitude question solution

The problem on ages, as it is easy math chapter and very important for your upcoming competitive exam preparation. Whatever you are preparing for SSC CHSL, PSC, I.B, Banking P.O exam, Railway recruitment exam or any other competitive examination where your arithmetics ability will examine. 
 We could not ignore this easy math chapter, because one or two question even three question may be asked in your upcoming competitive examination. This math chapter is relatively more accessible and essential as any other math chapter like time and works, Pipe and Cistern, Speed-time and distance, data sufficiency etc.
However, we are going to discuss the core concept of problems on ages arithmetic math chapter.

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What type of question asked/prepared?
Take any competitive question paper where questions are asked from Problems on Ages and see, in the question asked what is the present age of a specific person. What is the average age of the group? What is the different age between to person? Etc. And the questions are prepared by the examiner on some condition.
Which Shortcut formulas have to use in Problem on ages math question?
There is no specific shortcuts formula for this easy math chapter. But you will get priority if you can play with the equation. Because questions are prepared by condition, that’s why you should convert the term to an equation. Yet, I have some recommendation for some formula for this chapter which will also help you in other quantitive aptitude solution.
1) If the current age of a person is X years, then the N time age of the person will (X*N).
2) I the current age of a person X, after N year later the age of the man will be (X+Y), and Y year ago the age of the person was (X-N).
Aptitude questions and easy solution:-
Look at below some aptitude question and answers are presented for our clear understanding. We should not remember lots of formula for this chapter, just we have to practice lots of problem and solution.
Question 1:
The ratio of the age of two people is 3:4. After 5 years, the ratio of ages will be 7:8. Find the present age of the older man?
Solution:- Let the present age of younger man is 3x, and 4x is the older man.
As per the condition of the question, after 5 years younger man will be (3X+5)years, and older man will be (4X+5) years. Now you can prepare an equation quickly and solve the problem as below.

The age of Raju is ten years higher than the Souvik. If 5 years ago Raju was 3 times as old as Souvik, find their present ages.
Let the age of Souvik is x year and the age of Raju x+10. As per the question 5 years ago Raju’s age was three times better than Souvik. So five years ago the age of Souvik was x-5, and Raju’s age was 3(x-5)-5. Raju is 10 years older than the Souvik. So the equation will be à 3(x-5)-5 –(x-5) = 10
  à3x-15-5 –x+5 =10
  à2x= 10 +5+15 -5
è 2x= 20
è  X= 10

 Yes, friend, you have observed the primary thing in about this chapter. Whenever we have to solve any aptitude on the chapter Problems on ages, we have to follow carefully the number of people, present time, older time, future time and also the extra value or less value of a person. These are the primary thing while we have to solve aptitude question in age math chapter. Look at another example below:-

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