Problem on Train Aptitude shortcut formula, Question and quicker solution #1

Well come in New Math Tricks, we have already discussed the time Speed and Distance aptitude tricks and told you that Time speed and distance can be divided into several topics. Firstly, we have discussed the boat and streams aptitude. Today we are going to tell you about the problems on Trains. Problems on boat and stream and problems on trains are both subtopics of time speed and distance aptitude chapter.

Problems on trains aptitude tricks concept
⇨When a train crosses a telephone pole, a tree or a man, then it covers its own distance. Crossing a platform or a bridge by a train means it covers it's own length with the object length (Train+platfrom).
⇨ When two trains pass while running in the same or opposite direction then we have to find relative speed. Relative speed 1: when both trains run in the opposite direction, then we calculate it by adding both speeds. Relative speed 2: We subtract lower rate from higher speed while both trains running in the same direction.
Shortcuts formula for the problems on trains aptitude :
Formulas For the Problems on trains sections is also same as time Speed and Distance arithmetics math section. We have already covered in the 1st tutorial of time speed and distance chapter, If you have not visited before, please visit Time and Speed Distance chapter before discussing the problems on trains math tricks. Here we need an update with few Shortcuts method with that section.

Aptitude shortcut formula, Question, and quicker solution:

Aptitude Shortcut Formula1:
When a train L1 m and L2 m long two platforms have crossed by T1 and T2 sec, respectively. Where L1 is small than L2.

➧The length of the train will be:-


Please note that here L and T is the variable of length and time respectively.

➧The Speed Of The Train will be 

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