Easy division rules from 2 to 100

We always give you some valuable formula for the competitive examination which works like a math magic tricks. Here you come for few golden rules of division which help you to solve a problem math in less time. These formulas are straightforward to understand and apply the aptitude. But it has good weight age in the competitive math. Sometimes few questions are asks directly from these formulas and sometimes you need to complete by math operation. So guys don’t waste your time. Let’s start the shortcut division rules from 1 to 100. 

Division rules with explanation

Division rules of 2:- All the numbers will be divisible by 2, which are end by the even number or the zero. That’s mean all number ending with the digit 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8, naturally divided by 2. For example 120, 5412, 654, 54868526, 5856525566848. You may check any number with copy and pen which are ending with the digit 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8.
Division rules of 3:
This rule is something different and enjoyable. Yes, it’s a really enjoyable shortcut formula for the division. When we have to check a number whether it divide by 3 or not, then fast of all we have to add all the digit of this figure, and next step we have to check the adding value is divisible by 3 or not! If the adding value is divided by three without any remainder, then the checking number naturally divide by three.
Example: Suppose we have to check the number 236844 is divided by 3 or not? Now we have to do the operation like this Step 1-  2+3+6+8+4+4=27 
Step 2.- 27/3= 9  
Step 3.- here no remainder means the number 236844 will divide by 3. Look at images below 
Division rules of 4: This formula is a simple shortcut formula if you know. When you have to find out a number which divides by 4 or not! Then, just see the last two digits. If last two digits divide by four without any remainder, then the number will be divisible by 4.
Example  and solution of the divisible rule of 4:
25412,85632, 659874524, 65875635288- all these numbers are ending two digits are exactly divisible by four. So all the numbers are divisible by four.
Division rule of 5:-
Another simple shortcut formula of the division that is division rules of 5. You can observe any number instantly by a quick look at any figures, whether it divisible 5 or not? Just you have to see the last digit, if the number is ending with 5 or zero, then the number will naturally divide by 5. Otherwise, the number will not be divisible by 5.
 54665,52145235, 21025 ending with the number five.
1541320, 54680, 6455430, 64754520 –ending with the digit zero. If you do not believe the formula, please check in copy pen or the calculator.
Division rules of 6:- The shortcut formula of the number 6 is something special because this rule is like a combined formula of 2 and 3.We have to follow both rules before observing whether a number is divisible by 6 or not. As you know that the product of 6 is 2 and 3. So any number can be divided by 6 which is also divided by both numbers 2 and 3.

Example: - suppose we have to check the 672 whether it divisible by 6 or not! Firstly, we will last digit is even or zero. if it is even or zero then it will be divisible by 2. Now, in next step, we have to check whether it divisible by 3 or not! If it divisible by 3 then the checking number obviously divisible by 6. So now we confirmed that the number is also divisible by 6. 
Here we just post some rules of 2 to 6. In the next post, prepared with the division rules for 7, 8, 9 and 10. 

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