Profit and loss shortcut formula and example question solution

Hey friends, Well come to the 2nd tutorial of shortcut formula of profit and loss. As per our regular habit, we have prepared the math chapter in several sequences and step by step level up gradation.  In the last tutorial of profit and loss, we had known the basic concept and basic shortcut formula of profit and loss math chapter. As you know that the competitive examination, becoming more critical day by day, so we should prepare well to tackle that challenge easily. So it is our small effort for you. Please try to observe it for your best score in the competitive examination.
Here we will solve some quantitative aptitude of profit and loss chapter by using the shortcut formula of profit and loss, which is known as math tricks to all government and banking job aspirants.
All aptitudes on this page solved by using the folwing formula which is already given in the last tutorial.

Profit and Loss Aptitude Tricks

The cost price of a product is 200. A shopkeeper sells the product at 250 rupees. Find the percentage of profit of the seller.
Solution using the shortcut formula for profit and loss:
As we knew that the formula to find out the gain percentage. The formula is Gain% = (gain*100)/c.p
Here, the gain is Rs (250-200)= Rs 50
Now put the value in formula (50*100)/200 =5000/200 = 25%
2nd Quantitative question of profit and loss:
A seller makes a profit Rs 2500 by selling an Android mobile at Rs of 7500. Find the gain percentage of the seller.
Solution: - This question will also solve as like previous one. There is no difference between the two question. Just we will put the value in the formula. Let’s see the solution below:-
=250,000/5000 =250/5 = 50%

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Percentage Question of Profit and Loss

A seller sells a power bank charger at Rs 660. And he took that he loses 60 rupees. Now find his loss percentage?
You knew the formula for finding out the loss percentage. The formula is (loss*100)/C.P. If you compare between the gain percentage formula and loss percentage formula, you will see the difference loss is replaced instead of Gain while we find out the loss percentage. You can remember the formula easily and also solve easily. Let’s see the solution below:-

=60*100/660-60 = 6000/600 =10%
Look at another example:-
A bookseller sold a book at Rs 500 and took that he loses Rs 100. Now find the Gain percentage of the bookseller.
Simply apply the Gain percentage formula. Before applying we should know the cost price and loss amount. The losses amount declared in the question. We will get the cost price of the book by subtracting loss amount from selling amount. So the Cost price was Rs(500-100) =Rs400. The loss percentage will
=(100*100)/400 =10000/400 = 100/4 =25%

Need more Profit And Loss Shortcut Formulas?

Please note in the above, we use rupees as currency. And using ‘Rs’ as the shorter form of ‘rupees’. Here we are not ending this page. Few more links are below. Because we have to solve a few more quantitative aptitude by using math tricks. Just we discussed Loss and Gain percentage. We have to know more formulas like Selling price, Cost price, Profit and LossMarked price and many more formulas where various data were given or missing. For that purpose, we are making this tutorial in several parts. We always recommend you learn Shortcut formula for saving time in the competitive examination but not learn shortcut formula in a shortcut because there is no shortcut key to get the success that you learn in a shortcut. So learn all formula by giving time then you can solve Quantitative aptitude in very short time.

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