BODMAS Rules for Simplification

Simplification is an important chapter in Arithmetic as well as in competitive exam. So, every competitive exam generally asks two or more questions from the simplification aptitude. It has a very good value for a competitive exam. So, we should give much effort as we can. Because there are several maths tricks have to use to solve problems from the chapter Simplification. Sometimes, we use BODMAS rules, Algebra formula or mental math concept to be a quick solution for simplification aptitude problem. Here, we will discuss all the math tricks one by one.

BODMAS rules simplification math tricks

'BDMAS' is not a word or a single formula. It is a shorter form of some arithmetic operation which is used in sequentially.  Here B, O, D, M, A and S is the first letter of Bracket, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction respectively.  Let's see the formula in the image below
When you will see any question like below then use this formula, use all operation sequentially.
Simplification question 1:
5 x 8(4+6)+2=?
Solution: 5 x 8*10+2 Calculated first in bracket
 =5 x 80 +2      Multiplied 8*10
=400+2  Multiplied 5x80
Simplification Question 2: 10 x 30÷6+5-8
Solution: 10 x 5 + 5 -8 first divide 30 by 6
=50+5-8 2nd multiplied 10 with 5
=55-8 = 47 3rd 5 added with 50
Simplification aptitude 3: 5 x 30+40+ 80÷ 10 x 3 -40
Solution 5 x 30+40+10 x 3 -40
=150 +40+30-40=220-40
Above, simplification aptitude and solution, we take the few simple questions to apply BODMAS rules. We need to practice exam level simplification aptitude, we discussed in solved aptitude section. By the way, you can use this formula also in the simplification problem of the fractional numbers. Here, we are going to solve some simplification aptitude on fractional numbers.

Simplification aptitude on fractional numbers

Aptitude and Solution:

It was also a simple simplification aptitude on fractional uber. Just we applied the BODMAS rules. Sometimes we can solve this kind of Factional simplification aptitude on mind tricks. There is one more type Simplification which is related to algebra formulas. We have discussed on that in the next tutorial. The link to 
What do you think friends? Above aptitudes are not like exam level? Yes, friends, it's not really exam level simplification math problems. Just we used the BODMAS formula and learn how to apply BODMAS rules to solve Simplification aptitude. For Exam level Simplification aptitude question and quick solution click below.

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