Aptitude shortcuts formula and solution from the Partnership chapeter

Partnership shortcut math formulas is an essential math chapter for all competitive exams. So we have to give the same effort to Time and works, Interest, Time speeds and distance, average section - we have provided. So here we are discussing the shortcut formula of the Partnership. I hope, you will not feel any difficulty in observing partnership aptitude shortcut methods, because I'm presenting here the partnership chapter with the example and shortcuts formula in easy language.

Partnership Math concept and tricks

Usually, we call partner when a company or business starting with the investment of two or more persons. When investment amount and time are equal of all partners, then distributes profit or loss equally among them. But when the invested amount different then they get profit or loss according to their ratio of investment, which they invested in the company or business. (This condition will apply when the time period is the same.). But when the time period and investment differences are found, then the ratio unit of a partner is calculated as (investment amount* time) for each partner. This is the basic concept of the Partnership Aptitude. Now we are moving to the shortcut aptitude formula of the Partnership math chapter with the solution.

Suppose, Martyn and John invest $100 and $200 respectively, for one year. Then the profit will distribute in the ratio-
100:200 = 1:2
If Martyn invests his money for one year and Jhon invest for two years, then they will distribute their profit in
(Martyn”s share amount*time: Jhon’s share amount* time)
0r (100x1) : (200x2)
or  100: 400
or 1:4

Solved Partnership Math problems

Aptitude from partnership 1:-
Abdullah and Rambabu started a business by investing 20000 and 30000 rupees respectively. After 6 months Abdulla added more 20000 rupees in their business. At the end of the year, they profit 30,000. Find out the profit of Rambabu at the end of the year?
Easy solution:
Here two partner Abdulla and Rambabu, The ratio of capital invested by them
(Abdulla: Rambabu) = (20000*12 + 20000*6 : 30000*12)
= (240,000+ 120,000 : 360,000)
As per their capital ratio, they will distribute the profit. So Raaambau will get  1/2 * 30,000 = 15,000 out of 30,000 rupees profit.

Above we used the traditional method to solve the problem. Now, you can prepare it in a shortcut formula, that is below in an image.

If we use the above shortcut formula, firstly we have to find the profit ratio. Then we can use this formula directly. Lok at below, how we solve the math using math tricks. Before applying the above formula, we calculate the profit share that is 1:1. So, sums of profit ratio are 1+1=2.

Aptitude from partnership 2:-
Rahul and Babli started a business and profit 60% of their capital. If Rahul got 20,000 of their profit which is more than 10000 profit of Babli, then find out the money which invested by Bubli?
Easy solution:
Profit of Rahul is 20,000 and profit of Bubli is (20,000-10,000)= 10,000
Total profit =(20,000+ 10,000)= 30,000 Rs. And ratio of profit (Rahul:Babli= 2.1)
So let's capital = x
therefore profit 30,000 = x*60/100
                          30000 = x*0.6
                      x= 30000/0.6 = 50,000
Bubli invested 50,000*1/3 = 16666.6.. ruppes.

More about Partnership Competitive Math 

The above question is straightforward and easy, so don't expect that this type of problem usually asks for a competitive examination. We should learn more about competitive exams aptitude and solution. We are going to discuss more type of quantitative aptitude, Shortcuts formula, and solution in the essay and tricky method. Here step by step means few more post or parts. Stay with us for complete partnership aptitude and formula chapter for your upcoming examination.

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