Shortcuts Boat and Stream Concept and Solved Question

The boat and stream chapter is very important in point of competitive math. This chapter is depending on Time-speed and distance. If you have learned the time speed and distance before, then you can adopt Boat and Stream formula quickly. So, here we are discussing the boat and stream formula mainly. Before moving to our main shortcut formulas, I want to inform you that the boats are flowing on the water. And water may have a stream, so boat runs along the streams or the opposite of the steam. This is the primary factor to pay attention while you are solving the problem of the chapter Boat and Stream. The boats are flows in two types.
♦When the boat runs along the streams is called 'Downstream'.
♦ And 'Upstream' calls while the boat swims against the streams. ►Please note that the boats flow on the still water also.

Time Speed Distance Vs Boat and Stream

Already, you have learnt the formula for Time speed and Distance while the moving object was moving on roads, railways or on a similar way. Now, you will learn the same method, but the moving thing will swim with the stream or opposite. No difference will be made while boat flow on still water. We hope, you guess easily which kind of questions will be asked in this chapter. Here, some last line examples question are given below from the boats and streams chapter.
♦What was the speed of the boat in still water?
♦What was the speed of the steam?
♦What is the speed rate in Upstream, down steams or in still water?

Conceptual Boat and Stream Formula

The original speed of a boat in still water is A km/hour. When the rate of the stream is B km/hour. If the boat flows on the stream, then find the speed of the boat in downstream and upstream.

A boat runs at the rate of 50 km per hour in downstream. If the rate of steam is 10 km per hour, then find the Speed of the boat in still water?
Quicker solution:

The speed of the boat upstream will:-
(Speed in still water – the rate of stream) = (50-10) Km/hour = 40 km/hour
Speed in Downstream will:-
(Speed in Still water + Rate of Stream)
=50+10 Km/hour = 60 Km/ hour

Shortcuts Boat and Stream formula 2

The speed of a boat U km/hour in upstream and D Km/hours in downstream. What will be the speed in still water? What is the rate of the Streams? 

Boat and Stream Solved Aptitude

Example Aptitude 1):- The upstream of a boat is 40 Km per hour, and the Downstream is 60 Km per hour, Then find the speed of the boat in still water.
Quicker Solution:
Just apply above formula for the speed of the boat in still water (U+D)/2.
Is not it easy Boat and Stream Formula? Comment below if you enjoyed or felling difficulty.
Example Aptitude 2:
The rate of a boat in upstream 60 km per hour and 80 km in Downstream. Then find the speed of the Stream?
In the last aptitude solution, we used a shortcut formula to find the rate of the boat in still water. Now we are going to find the speed of the streams. Here we will use the formula (D-U)/2. Because in question declare the rate of the boat in up and downstream. And we have to find the current rate.let's look at below.


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We hope that you have enjoyed the Boat and stream formula(shortcuts) tutorial. One more tutorial on Boat stream formula has prepared for you.

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