New Math Tricks

Area Formula for all Shapes and Surfaces

Area Formula for all type of Mensuration Shapes and faces are informed in this New Math Tricks page. Triangle, quadrilateral, Circle, Cylinder, Cube, Cuboid, already discussed in different posts. To find your desire Shapes or faces of mensuration properties, we make this page to reach easier. Just see the below a list of the area formula and its source link. Open the tutorial from the topic name list which you want to know.

How to Calculate Age quickly and easily?

Many people do not know how to calculate age? Some people know Arthemetics very well but they don't know what is the precise formula for age calculation? Some online tools and application you will get for this calculation. The birthday or age formula is very easy. Yet, Some people manage application for single use and waste lots of time. But think, when you are in a competitive exams hall, then what you will do for it? Don’t worry, we are with you. Here, we are presenting the age calculation tricks in easy language. You can calculate age using many methods, but here, we are giving you an amazing method that will be helpful and efficient for your personal works or competitive exams.

Shortcuts Boat and Stream formula with Solved Question

The boat and stream formula is very important in point of competitive math. This chapter is depending on Time-speed and distance math. If you have learned the time speed and distance formulas before, then you can adopt Boat and Stream formula quickly. So, here we are discussing the boat and stream formula mainly. Before moving to our main shortcut formulas, I want to inform you that the boats are flowing on the water. And water may have a stream, so boat runs along the streams or the opposite of the steam. This is the primary factor to pay attention while you are solving the problem of the chapter Boat and Stream. The boats are flows in two types.

Solved Math Question for Competitive math

This is the second part of solved quantitative problems for competitive exams. We are providing some important quantitative aptitudes to be quicker in math. Let's looks at some previous years of math problems and the easiest solution.

LCM and HCF Formula for Competitive Math

LCM and HCF is a very important chapter for all competitive exams. Take any question paper of any competitive exam where Arithmetic is enlisted as a part of Syllabus and see that every competitive examination asked few questions from this chapter. So we should give the same effort as we had given in other Arithmetic chapters like Time and Works, Mixture and Allegation, Ratio and Proportion etc. Here we will discuss LCM and H.C.F chapter for the shortcut math tricks. Remember that L.C.M and H.C.F also help you to solve other math problem in the tricky method. In this point of view, LCM and HCF is very important for Arithmetic as well competitive examination.

Boat and Stream Formula and Tricky Solution

Separately, we have created many pages on the Arithmetics chapter Time Speed and Distance for clear understanding and performance well in competitive exams. Boats and Streams is one of the important sub-topic of Time speed and distance. We have already discussed the core concept and shortcuts formula on this topic in Boat and Streams shortcuts formula part-1. Now we are going to solve some aptitude question of Boats and Streams by using math tricks to save time and score well in our upcoming competitive exam. So, look at below, some essential aptitude question which followed by the question level of the competitive math section. Especially all the questions are selected from the Boats and Speeds chapter.

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